(Midwestern Gothic)

"Nailing the 11 o’clock hour with gusto, Keene lays heavy both vocally and emotionally into “Mama Cries Into Her Tea”, which is so jarring and stunning that it leaves one breathless. Absorbing the absurdly playful nature of “Bathtub Burlesque” Keene manages to highlight the almost demonic undertones of the song in a garishly appealing fashion."


Whisk and Quill (Midwestern Gothic)

"Keene, using a haunting flat-accented vibrato voice, is wonderfully cast as the beautiful and voracious sex kitten who lures, then punishes, every man within her small sphere."


Discover Hollywood Magazine (NEWSIES!)

"Morgan Keene played Katherine with daring color, great dancing and a voice that can carry through a chorus of men."


The Charlotte Weekly (NEWSIES!)

"Keene also fits the bill for Katherine, who is a strong-willed character trying to find her identity and voice in the world. During “Watch What Happens,” Keene provides a humble performance without overdoing it. Her performance helped develop her character, which lays the groundwork for her transformation later in the show."


Macomb Daily (NEWSIES!)

"And Morgan Keene’s portrayal journalistic heroine Katherine Plumber is tough but not a caricature, a careful — and convincing — balance of confidence and vulnerability."


Post Crescent Appleton (NEWSIES!)

"Morgan Keene is worthy of note in her role as Katherine, a newspaper reporter and the apple of Jack’s eye. She shows what she’s made of on “Watch What Happens.” With a quick rhythm and a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s a tough song to pull off. But Keene does so flawlessly. And while romantic stage chemistry often feels forced, Barreiro and Keene were undoubtedly convincing." (NEWSIES!)

"As Katherine, Morgan Keene has the looks and pipes to carry off the young, fast-talking, feisty reporter who's trying to prove herself in a world of men. Like Barreiro she is also an excellent singer. She exhibits a natural and strong take on this woman who is slightly ahead of her time."


The Seattle Times (NEWSIES!)

"So the musical has beefed-up Jack’s love interest: she’s now an intrepid novice journalist, Katherine (the charmingly feisty stand-out Morgan Keene), who spars with Jack before taking up his cause and falling for him."

The Spokesman Review (Next to Normal)

"The real discovery in the cast, though, is Keene as Natalie. At 15, she has the dramatic and vocal range of an actress twice her age and experience."


Gonzaga Bulletin (Next to Normal)

"In another production, Natalie’s story could be a sideline plot, a way to examine how the primary action of Diana’s mental illness impacts those closest to her. But in the hands of the talented Keene, only 15 years old at the start of the run, she steals the show. Every actor in this production is talented, but Keene’s performance is emotionally nuanced and her voice is impeccable."

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